TB Children's Services prides itself on helping and guiding young people and their families into the right direction through the many services we have to offer.
Scouting Programs

Are you looking for new and affordable ways for your troops to earn patches and experience new things? We are offering a a variety of classes and adventures that can be tailored to fit  the needs of your program.

We work with - Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Heritage Girls and other scouting groups!

A simple list of what we offer:

Horsing Around - a class all about horses located on farm with opportunities for hands on fun!

Stress Less- teaching meditation and mental health wellness

Spa Day- a self care/hygiene class while being pampered like a princess

Girls Empowerment - girls discuss self esteem, dealing with pressures of society and handling friendships

In the kitchen - Girls are engaged in simple in the kitchen activities. 

Senses - an in-depth look into the variety of senses, a special focus in discussion of those without senses such as vision. 

Nutrition Counts- a course on teaching positive eating habits and personal well being.

And so many more!!!!